31 Romanian Alphabet

How Many Letters In The Romanian Alphabet

Have you ever wondered how many letters are in the Romanian alphabet? While it may seem like a simple question, it actually leads us down a fascinating path of linguistic history and cultural heritage.

31 Romanian Alphabet

From the influence of Latin to the impact of neighboring countries, each letter in this unique alphabet carries a story within itself. Join us as we unravel these tales and discover how these letters bridge gaps between languages and cultures.

How Many Letters In Romanian Alphabet

The Romanian alphabet consists of 31 letters, and it’s based on the Latin alphabet. Here is the Romanian alphabet with its letters, pronunciation, and English examples: A/a – Pronunciation: [a], English Example: “bar”

  • Ă / ă – Pronunciation: [ə], English Example: “father”
  • Â / â – Pronunciation: [ɨ], No English equivalent
  • B / b – Pronunciation: [b], English Example: “boat”
  • C / c – Pronunciation: [k] before a, o, you, English Example: “scanner.”
  • Pronunciation: [k’] before e, i, English Example: “keen”
  • Pronunciation: [t∫] before e, i, English Example: “check”
  • D / d – Pronunciation: [d], English Example: “dad”
  • E / e – Pronunciation: [e] in most cases, English Example: “elixir”
  • Pronunciation: [je] before a consonant, English Example: “yes.”
  • F / f – Pronunciation: [f], English Example: “feeling”
  • G / g – Pronunciation: [g] before a, o, you, English Example: “gastronomy.”
  • Pronunciation: [g’] before e, I, English Example: “gift” or “get.”
  • Pronunciation: [dʒ] before e, i, English Example: “jackal”
  • H / h – Pronunciation: [h], English Example: “happy”
  • I/i – Pronunciation: [i], English Example: “interesting”
  • Î / î – Pronunciation: [ɨ], No English equivalent
  • J / j – Pronunciation: [ʒ], English Example: “treasure”
  • K / k – Pronunciation: [k], used for loan words and foreign names
  • L / l – Pronunciation: [l], English Example: “light”
  • M / m – Pronunciation: [m], English Example: “matter”
  • N / n – Pronunciation: [n], English Example: “no”
  • O / o – Pronunciation: [o], English Example: “oyster”
  • P / p – Pronunciation: [p], English Example: “portal”
  • Q / q – Pronunciation: [k], used for loan words and foreign names
  • R / r – Pronunciation: [r], rolled r as in the food name “tortillas.”
  • S / s – Pronunciation: [s], English Example: “safe”
  • Ș / ș – Pronunciation: [ʃ], English Example: “ship”
  • T / t – Pronunciation: [t], English Example: “tone”
  • Ț / ț – Pronunciation: [ts], like the double z in “pizza.”
  • U / u – Pronunciation: [u], English Example: “loop”
  • V / v – Pronunciation: [v], English Example: “vector”
  • W / w – Pronunciation: [v], used for loan words and foreign names
  • Pronunciation: [w], used for loan words and foreign names
  • X / x – Pronunciation: [ks], English Example: “six”
  • Pronunciation: [gz] In some cases, English Example: “exercise.”
  • Y / y – Pronunciation: [j], used for loan words and foreign names
  • Z / z – Pronunciation: [z], English Example: “zipline”

Notes on the Romanian Alphabet:

  • K, Q, W, and Y are rare in normal Romanian writing and are mostly used in loanwords from English and other languages.
  • Â and Î are phonetically identical but used differently.
  • Â is placed in the middle of the word, and Î is placed in the front, except when a prefix is added.
  • C is pronounced as [ʧ] before i or e and as [k] elsewhere.
  • G is pronounced as [ʤ] before i or e and as [g] elsewhere.

The letter I have two pronunciations: [i̯] before vowels and [i] elsewhere. In some cases, it is silent at the end of a multi-syllable word but makes the consonant before it is palatal.

  • U is pronounced as [u̯] before vowels and [u] elsewhere.

This comprehensive list should help you understand the Romanian alphabet and its pronunciation.

How Many Letters In The Romanian Alphabet In English

The Romanian alphabet consists of a total of 31 letters. These include the 26 Latin letters that are used in the English alphabet, with five additional letters specific to Romanian. Here is a breakdown of the Romanian alphabet in English:

  1. A / a
  2. Ă / ă
  3. Â / â
  4. B / b
  5. C / c
  6. D / d
  7. E / e
  8. F / f
  9. G / g
  10. H / h
  11. I/i
  12. Î / î
  13. J / j
  14. K / k
  15. L / l
  16. M / m
  17. N / n
  18. O / o
  19. P / p
  20. Q / q
  21. R / r
  22. S / s
  23. Ș / ș
  24. T / t
  25. Ț / ț
  26. U / u
  27. V / v
  28. W / w
  29. X / x
  30. Y / y
  31. Z / z

The Romanian alphabet is based on the Latin script and contains these 31 letters, which are used to write the Romanian language.

Old Romanian Alphabet

The old Romanian alphabet, also known as the Romanian Cyrillic alphabet, was used historically to write the Romanian language. It was based on the Cyrillic script, which was commonly used for Slavic languages and adapted for Romanian during various periods in its history.

The old Romanian alphabet is no longer in official use, having been replaced by the Latin-based Romanian alphabet. Here are some details about the old Romanian alphabet:

  • Origins: The use of the Cyrillic script for Romanian can be traced back to the Middle Ages when Romanian-speaking regions came into contact with Orthodox Christian Slavic cultures. As a result, Romanian scribes adopted and adapted the Cyrillic script for writing Romanian.
  • Variations: Over time, several variations of the Cyrillic script were used to write Romanian, including the Early Cyrillic alphabet and the Cyrillic script influenced by Old Church Slavonic.
  • Regional Differences: Different regions within historical Romanian territories had their versions of the Cyrillic script, which sometimes led to variations in spelling and pronunciation.
  • Phonetics: The old Romanian Cyrillic alphabet only sometimes represented Romanian sounds accurately, leading to inconsistencies in pronunciation. It lacked characters for some unique Romanian phonemes, and some sounds were represented differently from region to region.
  • Historical Use: The old Romanian alphabet was used in written documents, religious texts, and manuscripts during various periods in Romanian history. It coexisted with the Latin script, which was used in parallel for official and secular purposes.
  • Latin Script Transition: The transition from the Cyrillic script to the Latin script began in the late 19th century during the period known as the Romanian Alphabet Reform. This transition aimed to standardize the Romanian writing system and align it with other Western European languages.
  • Replacement: The Latin-based Romanian alphabet gradually replaced the old Cyrillic script, and by the early 20th century, the use of the Cyrillic script for writing Romanian had largely disappeared.
  • Modern Romanian: Today, Romanian is exclusively written using the Latin script. The Latin script has been the official script of the Romanian language since the early 20th century, and it is the script used in all official and educational contexts.

In summary, the old Romanian alphabet, based on the Cyrillic script, was historically used to write the Romanian language but has been replaced by the Latin script, which is the standard script for modern Romanian.

The transition from Cyrillic to Latin was a significant development in Romanian linguistics and played a role in the standardization of the language.

Romanian Alphabet To English

The Romanian alphabet is based on the Latin script, just like the English alphabet.

However, there are some differences in pronunciation and a few additional letters in the Romanian alphabet. Here’s a comparison of the Romanian alphabet to English:

Romanian Letters (with Pronunciation):

  1. A / a – [a] as in “bar”
  2. Ă / ă – [ə] as in “father”
  3. Â / â – [ɨ] (no English equivalent)
  4. B / b – [b] as in “boat”
  5. C / c – [k] as in “scanner,” [k’] as in “keen,” [tʃ] as in “check.”
  6. D / d – [d] as in “dad”
  7. E / e – [e] as in “elixir,” [je] as in “yes”
  8. F / f – [f] as in “feeling.”
  9. G / g – [g] as in “gastronomy,” [g’] as in “gift” or “get,” [dʒ] as in “jackal.”
  10. H / h – [h] as in “happy”
  11. I/i – [i] as in “interesting.”
  12. Î / î – [ɨ] (no English equivalent)
  13. J / j – [ʒ] as in “treasure”
  14. K / k – [k] as in “keen” (used for loan words and foreign names)
  15. L / l – [l] as in “light”
  16. M / m – [m] as in “matter”
  17. N / n – [n] as in “no”
  18. O / o – [o] as in “oyster”
  19. P / p – [p] as in “portal”
  20. Q / q – [k] as in “quick” (used for loan words and foreign names)
  21. R / r – [r] rolled r as in the food name “tortillas”
  22. S / s – [s] as in “safe”
  23. Ș / ș – [ʃ] as in “ship”
  24. T / t – [t] as in “tone”
  25. Ț / ț – [ts] like the double “z” in “pizza”
  26. U / u – [u] as in “loop”
  27. V / v – [v] as in “vector”
  28. W / w – [v] as in “Wagner” (used for loan words and foreign names), [w] as in “William” (used for loan words and foreign names)
  29. X / x – [ks] as in “six,” [gz] as in “exercise”
  30. Y / y – [j] as in “yes” (used for loan words and foreign names)
  31. Z / z – [z] as in “zipline”


  • K, Q, W, and Y are rare and mostly used in loanwords.
  • Â and Î have similar pronunciations but are used differently in words.
  • C and G have different pronunciations before different vowels.
  • I have two pronunciations depending on the position of a word.

Overall, while the Romanian alphabet shares many letters with the English alphabet, it has some additional letters and variations in pronunciation that reflect the unique phonology of the Romanian language.

Romanian Numbers

Here’s a list of Romanian numbers from 1 to 20, as well as the tens and hundreds up to 1,000:

Cardinal Numbers (Numere cardinale):

  • unu (one)
  • doi (two)
  • trei (three)
  • patru (four)
  • cinci (five)
  • șase (six)
  • șapte (seven)
  • opt (eight)
  • nouă (nine)
  • zece (ten)
  • unsprezece (eleven)
  • doisprezece (twelve)
  • treisprezece (thirteen)
  • paisprezece (fourteen)
  • cincisprezece (fifteen)
  • șaisprezece (sixteen)
  • șaptesprezece (seventeen)
  • optsprezece (eighteen)
  • nouăsprezece (nineteen)
  • douăzeci (twenty)
  • Tens (Zeci):
  • 30. treizeci (thirty)
  • patruzeci (forty)
  • cincizeci (fifty)
  • șaizeci (sixty)
  • șaptezeci (seventy)
  • optzeci (eighty)
  • nouăzeci (ninety)

Hundreds (Sute):

  • 100. o sută (one hundred)
  • două sute (two hundred)
  • trei sute (three hundred)
  • patru sute (four hundred)
  • cinci sute (five hundred)
  • șase sute (six hundred)
  • șapte sute (seven hundred)
  • opt sute (eight hundred)
  • nouă sute (nine hundred)

Thousands (Mii):

  • 1,000. o mie (one thousand)
  • 2,000. două mii (two thousand)
  • 3,000. trei mii (three thousand)
  • 10,000. zece mii (ten thousand)
  • 100,000. o sută de mii (one hundred thousand)

Millions (Milioane):

  • 1,000,000. un milion (one million)
  • 10,000,000. zece milioane (ten million)
  • 100,000,000. o sută de milioane (one hundred million)

Billions (Miliarde):

  • 1,000,000,000. un miliard (one billion)
  • 10,000,000,000. zece miliarde (ten billion)

Keep in mind that Romanian, like many other languages, has its own rules for forming compound numbers, and the rules may vary slightly from English. For Example, in Romanian, you would say “două mii cinci sute” for 2,500 (two thousand five hundred).

Romanian Letters Copy Paste

Here are some tips for copying and pasting Romanian letters:

  • Use a Romanian Keyboard Layout: If you frequently need to type Romanian letters, consider using a Romanian keyboard layout. You can switch between keyboard layouts in your computer’s settings.
  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts: Many keyboard layouts, including the US International layout, allow you to type Romanian letters using keyboard shortcuts. For Example, to type “ă,” you can use the shortcut “Right Alt + a.”
  • Character Map (Windows): You can use the Windows Character Map tool to copy and paste special characters. Press the Windows key, type “Character Map,” and open the tool. Find the Romanian letter you need, click on it, and then click the “Copy” button.
  • Keyboard Viewer (Mac): Mac users can enable the Keyboard Viewer in the input menu. This allows you to see special characters and diacritics, making it easier to copy and paste them.
  • Online Character Copy-Paste Tools: Some online tools and websites allow you to copy and paste special characters, including Romanian letters. You can search for these tools and use them as needed.
  • Character Shortcodes (HTML): If you’re working with HTML, you can use character shortcodes to display special characters. For Example, “& # 259;” (without spaces) represents the letter “ă.”
  • Character Shortcuts (Word Processing Software): In word processing applications such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, it is common to utilize character shortcuts that facilitate the automatic conversion of inputted characters into their respective special characters. For Example, typing “a^” might become “â.”
  • Character Map Apps: There are mobile apps available that provide access to a wide range of special characters. You can install one of these apps on your smartphone for easy access to Romanian letters.
  • Unicode Code Points: You can use the Unicode code points to copy and paste special characters. For Example, the code point for “ă” is U+0103. You can search for Unicode code charts to find the codes for other Romanian letters.
  • Custom Text Expander: Consider using a text expander tool or app where you can create shortcuts for frequently used Romanian letters. For Example, you can set up a shortcut like “; a” to automatically expand into “ă.”

Remember that the ease of copying and pasting Romanian letters may vary depending on the software or platform you’re using. Experiment with these methods to find the one that works best for your needs.

How Many Letters In The Romanian Alphabet PDF 

As previously mentioned, the Romanian alphabet consists of 31 letters. You can use this information to create your PDF document. Here’s a list of the Romanian alphabet for reference:

  • A / a – [a]
  • Ă / ă – [ə]
  • Â / â – [ɨ] (no English equivalent)
  • B / b – [b]
  • C / c – [k]
  • [k’] – Before i or e
  • [t∫] – Before i or e in loanwords
  • D / d – [d]
  • E / e – [e]
  • [je] – In some cases
  • F / f – [f]
  • G / g – [g]
  • [g’] – Before i or e
  • [dʒ] – Before i or e in loanwords
  • H / h – [h]
  • I/i – [i]
  • Î / î – [ɨ] (no English equivalent)
  • J / j – [ʒ]
  • K / k – [k] (used for loan words and foreign names)
  • L / l – [l]
  • M / m – [m]
  • N / n – [n]
  • O / o – [o]
  • P / p – [p]
  • Q / q – [k] (used for loan words and foreign names)
  • R / r – [r] (rolled r as in the food name tortillas)
  • S / s – [s]
  • Ș / ș – [ʃ]
  • T / t – [t]
  • Ț / ț – [ts]
  • U / u – [u]
  • V / v – [v]
  • W / w – [v] (used for loan words and foreign names)
  • [w] – Used for loan words and foreign names
  • X / x – [ks]
  • [gz] – In some cases
  • Y / y – [j] (used for loan words and foreign names)
  • Z / z – [z]

You can use this list as a reference to create a PDF document or for educational purposes on your website. Just arrange the information in a clear and organized format to make it user-friendly. Additionally, a plethora of online applications and software exist that facilitate the generation of PDF documents from textual content and data.

Conclusion Points 

In conclusion, the Romanian alphabet consists of 31 letters. The alphabet in question bears a resemblance to the English alphabet, albeit with the inclusion of several supplementary letters, namely Ă, Â, Î, Ș, and Ț.

 In the past, there was an old Romanian alphabet that had more letters and variations. However, this alphabet has been simplified over time.

It is important to note that when translating Romanian words into English, some letters may have a different equivalent. Therefore, it is necessary to understand both alphabets when working with translations.

To learn more about the Romanian language and its unique alphabet, consider studying resources specifically designed for this purpose.


1. How many letters are there in the Romanian alphabet?

There are 31 letters in the Romanian alphabet.

2. What is the number of letters in the Romanian alphabet?

The Romanian alphabet consists of 31 letters.

3. How many letters does the Romanian alphabet have when written in English?

The Romanian alphabet has 31 letters, even when written in English.

4. Are there any differences between the current and old Romanian alphabets?

No, both the current and old versions of the Romanian alphabet consist of 31 letters.

5. Is there a specific name for the old Romanian alphabet?

The old version of the Romanian alphabet is commonly referred to as Old Church Slavonic.

6. Are all Latin characters used in the modern Romanian alphabet?

Yes, all Latin characters are included in the modern Romanian alphabet.

7. Do diacritical marks play a role in the number of letters in the Romanian alphabet?

Yes, diacritical marks such as accents and cedillas are considered separate characters and, therefore, contribute to the total count of 31 letters.

8. Can you provide an example of a letter unique to the Romanian alphabet?

One example is Ț (pronounced tsetse), which represents a different sound from its counterpart, T.

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