How Many Letters In Hindi Alphabet

[52 Vs 46]: How Many Letters In Hindi Alphabet?

As the world’s second most spoken language, Hindi is a language of great importance.

How Many Letters In Hindi Alphabet

Understanding the alphabet is essential for those looking to learn more about it. This research article will answer the question, “How many letters are in the Hindi alphabet?”

Full proof evidence will be presented, such as documents, tables, photos, PDFs, and FAQs to support the answer. 

Additionally, this article serves as a resource for anyone wanting to learn more about Hindi and its alphabet.

First of all, let me answer your question in very easy language. The total number of letters in the alphabet of the Hindi language is 52. If you look carefully at the table below, you will understand more; the rest has been explained in detail in the next part of the article.s the world’s second most spoken language, Hindi, is important.

Total Letters = 52

Consonants 39
Vowels 13

How Many Hindi Letters Are There

The alphabet of Hindi is distinctive and has a total of 52 letters. The language uses 33 combined consonants, 4 binary consonants, 11 basic vowels, 2 anusvara, and visarga vowels.

Types Letter Numbers
Basic Consonants 33
Combined Consonants 4
Binary Consonant 2
Basic Vowel 11
Anusvara & Visarg Vowel 2
Total (33 + 4 + 2 + 11 + 2) = 52.

This means that the Hindi language has one of the largest alphabets compared to other languages worldwide.

Types Letter Letters
Basic Consonants (33) क, ख, ग, घ, ङ (क class)

च, छ, ज, झ, ञ (च class)

ट, ठ, ड, ढ, ण (ट class)

त, थ, द, ध, न (त class)

प, फ, ब, भ, म (प class)

य, र, ल, व (end site class)

श, ष, स, ह (heat class)

Combined Consonants (4) क्ष, त्र, ज्ञ, श्र (combined class)
Binary Consonant (2) ड़, ढ़
Basic Vowel (11) अ, आ, इ, ई, उ, ऊ, ऋ, ए, ऐ, ओ, औ
Anusvara & Visarg Vowel (2) अं, अः
Total (33 + 4 + 2 + 11 + 2) = 52.

The 33 combined consonants comprise several small components like nasalization, aspiration, and conjuncts, giving each letter a unique character. 

How Many Hindi Consonants?

Regarding the Hindi language, you may be curious about how many consonants are used. 

In this part of the article, we will discuss three types of consonants and how they work together to form 39 distinct sounds that make up the Hindi language. 

  • Basic Consonants – 33
  • Combined Consonants – 4
  • Binary Consonant – 2
  • Total = (33 + 4 + 2 ) = 39.

The first type is basic consonants, which consist of 33 individual sounds. This set includes all the alphabetical letters such as Ka, Ca, Tha, and more. 

These basic consonants are combined with four secondary consonants known as ‘combined’ or complex consonants. For example, when Ka is combined with Ya (Ka + Ya = Ky), it becomes a single sound with a different meaning than Ka alone. 

Finally, two binary or compound consonant combinations occur when two letters are joined together (Ksh and Kh).

Table Details
  • 1 = Alphabetical Order
  • 2 = Hindi Letters
  • 3 = In English Script
  • 4 = Hindi Words
  • 5 = Hindi Words In English
Basic Consonants = 33
1 2 3 4 5
1 Ka कमल Kamal
2 Kha खरगोश Khargosh
3 Ga गर्मी Garmi
4 Gha घंटा Ghanta
5 Nh * *
6 Cha चम्मच Chammach
7 Chha छतरी Chhatri
8 Ja जग Jag
9 Jha झंडा Jhanda
10 Ny * *
11 Ta टमाटर Tamatar
12 Tha ठग – Thag
13 Da डमरू Damru
14 Dha ढक्कन Dhakkan
15 Nh * *
16 Ta तरबूज Tarbuj
17 Tha थरमस Tharmas
18 Da दवाई Dawai
19 Dha धनिया Dhaniya
20 Na नल Nal
21 Pa पानी Pani
22 Pha फल Phal
23 Ba बकरी Bakri
24 Bha भालू Bhallu
25 Ma मंदिर Mandir
26 Ya यादास्त Yaddasht
27 Ra राम Ram
28 La लगन Lagan
29 Va वन Van
30 Sha शगुन Shagun
31 Shha षटकोण Shhatkon
32 Sa समय Samay
33 Ha हवा Hawa
Combined Consonants = 4
1 2 3 4 5
34 क्ष Ksha क्षमा Kshama
35 ज्ञ Jna ज्ञान Gyan
36 त्र Tri त्रिपाल Tripal
37 श्र Shra * *
Binary / Extra Consonant = 2
1 2 3 4 5
38 ड़ Dh * *
39 ढ़ Rha * *

How Many Vowels Are There In Hindi Alphabet?

The number of vowels in the Hindi alphabet is 13, consisting of 11 basic vowel sounds plus two additional variations: Anusvara and Visarg Vowel. 

Two Types of Vowels 

  • Basic Vowel – 11
  • Anusvara & Visarg Vowel – 2
  • Total = (11 + 2) = 13.

The 11 basic vowel sounds include a variety of components such as short and long vocalizations, nasalized versions, accents from neighboring consonants, semi-vowels (or glide-style) sounds between two other vowels, or combinations with accent marks to indicate different intonations.

Vowels = 13
1 2 3 4 5
40 a अनार Anaar
41 aa आम Aam
42 i इमली Imalee
43 ee ईख Eekh
44 u उल्लू Ulloo
45 oo ऊन Oon
46 Ri ऋषि Rshi
47 e एक Ek
48 ai ऐनक Ainak
49 o ओखली Okhalee
50 ou औकात Oukat
51 अं an अंगूठा Angootha
52 अः aha अहंकार Ahankaar

How Many Total Letters In Hindi Varnamala

The Hindi language alphabet consists of 52 letters, divided into 33 consonants, 11 basic vowels, and 4 binary consonants. 

The number of letters in the Hindi alphabet is 52, making it the largest alphabetic system among Indian languages.

  • Basic Consonants – 33
  • Combined Consonants – 4
  • Binary Consonant – 2
  • Basic Vowel – 11
  • Anusvara & Visarg Vowel – 2
  • Total = (33 + 4 + 2 + 11 + 2) = 52.

The 33 combined consonants combine two or more basic consonants to form a new letter. 

The 4 binary consonants consist of a single consonant with two components – one representing nasalization and the other representing aspiration. 

There are 11 basic vowels in the alphabet and 2 additional symbols – Anusvara (a dot above) and Visarg (two dots below). 

Each letter in Hindi has a distinct sound associated with it, which helps form meaningful words when used together.

How Many Letters Are There In Hindi Alphabet: Government Website

There has been a lot of debate surrounding how many letters there are in the Hindi alphabet. Some sources say there are 45 letters in the Hindi alphabet, while others claim 52. Today you have a chance to find out what is right. 

This debate has been ongoing for centuries, with some saying it’s impossible to count all the letters accurately. 

It’s important to note that the modern form of the Indian language developed from Sanskrit, which was written using an ancient script called Devanagari. 

This means that some symbols and sounds no longer exist or have changed, making it difficult to determine exactly how many letters there are in Hindi. 

The Government of India and the governments of its states have made an effort to make information about various topics available to citizens on their websites. 

One such topic is the Hindi alphabet. On these websites, citizens can find out how many letters there are in the Hindi alphabet, which is a commonly asked question.

People can also find helpful summaries and resources related to other aspects of Hindi writing on these government sites and learn more about grammar rules, pronunciation guidance, and translations of common phrases.

Source No. Of Letters
BBC 46 52
Research Library of Congress 52
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi is a premier government-funded arts organization in India. 52
Central Hindi Language Directorate (Government of India Funded) 52

The Central Hindi Directorate is a trusted and official source of information for Hindi, the official language of India. 

The Directorate is a part of the Department of Higher Education in the Government of India in New Delhi. 

Established in 1960, it functions as an autonomous body to provide guidance, support, and promote the use and development of the Hindi language across India. 

According to the Central Hindi Directorate, there are a total of 52 letters in the Hindi alphabet, which can be completely trusted.

Learning the Language by Listening to Sounds

Mastering a new language like Hindi can be challenging, but the sounds of Hindi letters make it easier! To make it easier to learn the language by listening to sounds, I have created an audio clip that anyone can access.

This clip allows users to hear each letter in Hindi and practice speaking without finding someone who is fluent in the language.

क, ख, ग, घ, ङ

च, छ, ज, झ, ञ

ट, ठ, ड, ढ, ण

त, थ, द, ध, न

प, फ, ब, भ, म

य, र, ल, व

श, ष, स, ह

क्ष, त्र, ज्ञ, श्र

ड़, ढ़

अ, आ, इ, ई, उ, ऊ, ऋ, ए, ऐ, ओ, औ, अं, अः

The audio clip starts with a quick introduction on properly pronouncing each letter. Then, it slowly goes through every alphabet letter and its sound in Hindi. 

Each user must take their time while going through this task, as mastering these pronunciation skills will help them become more proficient in speaking and understanding the language better. By taking advantage of this audio clip, users will surely get a head start on learning Hindi!

Start Formation of Word in Hindi Now

Making your own Hindi words is an exciting way to learn and start speaking like a native. With the help of the table below, you can start forming words in Hindi now! 

By looking at the table, you can identify all the consonants (svara) and vowels (vyanjana) used to form words in this beautiful language.

क + ल = कल kal

ख + ग = खग khag

ग + ज = गज gaj

घ + र = घर ghar

ड. No word starts with this consonant.

च + ख = चख chakh

छ + त = छत chhat

ज + ल = जल jal

झ + ट = झट jhaT

ञ No word starts with this consonant.

ट + प = टप Tap

ठ + ग = ठग Thag

ड + र = डर Dar

ड़ No word starts with this consonant.

ढ + क = ढक Dhak

ढ़ No word starts with this consonant.

ण No word starts with this consonant.

त + न = तन tan

थ + ल = थल thal

द + र = दर dar

ध + न = धन dhan

न + ल = नल nal

प + ग = पग pag

फ + ल = फल phal

ब + ल = बल bal

भ + य = भय bhay

म + न = मन man

य + ज्ञ = यज्ञ Yajna/Yagya

र + थ = रथ rath

ल + ट = लट laT

व + न = वन van

श + त = शत shat

ष + ट = षट ShaT

स + त्र = सत्र satra

श्र + म = श्रम shram

ह + म = हम ham

क्ष + य = क्षय kshay

त्र + य = त्रय tray

ज्ञ – No word starts with this consonant.

ज्ञ + आ =ज्ञा as in ज्ञान – Gyan/jnan.

How to teach Indian-American kids the Hindi alphabet? is a great resource for parents and teachers looking to help Indian-American children learn the Hindi language and its alphabet. 

The website offers an interactive online educational learning tour with fun activities that teach users how to read, write, and recognize basic Hindi words. 

With easy-to-follow instructions and various resources on the site, users can get a comprehensive introduction to the language—plus plenty of practice opportunities. 

The website also provides helpful tips for teaching children about Indian culture through stories, rhymes, and other interactive activities. 

My sites also offer audio recordings of each letter so that kids can learn the proper pronunciation of words. 

Additionally, there are YouTube channels dedicated to teaching Indian-American children about their culture and language through fun activities and interactive lessons. 

These educational tools make it easier than ever before for parents to teach their children about India’s rich cultural heritage while learning a valuable skill at the same time.

Whatever content this website does not have, you will be told where it can be found online.

Conclusion Points

How Many Letters In Hindi Alphabet? The Hindi alphabet is a fascinating and complex language that contains 52 letters in total. 

The Hindi letters are divided into basic consonants, combined consonants, binary consonantsConsonant, and basic vowels. 

Basic consonants form the core of the alphabet, and there are 33 total. Combined consonants consist of two or more letters combined to make one character; there are 4 such characters in the language. 

Binary Consonant only consists of two letters which can be used as both a consonant and a vowel depending on the context; there are 2 such characters in the language. 

Basic vowels consist of 13 characters used to modify words or spell out new ones; they serve as the foundation for all other vowels within Hindi.


Hindi is the second most famous language in the world. That’s why people have many questions about the Hindi alphabet and letters. Answers to some of those important questions are written below reading, which you can take more benefit from.

Question – Hindi Varnamala How Many Letters?

Answer: Hindi Varnamala, or the Hindi alphabet, is an interesting linguistic phenomenon consisting of 39 consonants and 13 vowels for 52 letters. 

This writing system is similar to other Indian languages, such as Sanskrit and Prakrit, but its specifics are unique to Hindi.

Question – How Many Alphabets Are There In Hindi?

Answer: To answer how many alphabets are in Hindi, we must first consider the distinction between consonants and vowels. 

In the Hindi language, there are 39 consonants and 13 vowels. This yields a total of 52 letters that make up the Hindi alphabet. 

Question – How Many Letters In Hindi Language?

Answer: The Hindi language, a part of the Indo-Aryan family and native to Northern India and Pakistan, consists of 52 letters.

Question – How Many Consonants And Vowels Hindi Letters?

Answer: There are 39 consonants and 13 vowels in the Hindi language. This is by the traditional classification of phonemes according to their articulatory properties.

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