how many words in punjabi varnmala

How Many Letters are in the Punjabi Alphabet 2024?

How many letters are in the Punjabi alphabet? Are you tired of searching the internet for the answer to this question? Still in need of correct information?

how many words in punjabi varnmala

This is a research article. Before writing this article, all the websites of the internet world have been thoroughly searched. Let’s start with Wikipedia; read the sentence given below Wikipedia properly.

Modern Gurmukhī has thirty-five original letters, hence its common alternative term paintī or “the thirty-five,”plus six additional consonants,nine vowel diacritics, two diacritics for nasal sounds, one diacritic that geminates consonants and three subscript characters.

That Means

  • Painti – 35
  • Additional consonants – 6
  • Vowel diacritics – 9
  • Nasal diacritics – 2
  • Consonant diacritic – 1
  • Subscript characters – 3
  • Total = 56

But it is not so, if all the letters are accounted for, then its number becomes 56.

According to the website Punjabi lrc columbia edu, there are 41 letter sounds in the Punjabi alphabet. You read it yourself.

With these additional adopted sounds, the script has a total of 41 letters.

In the syllabus released by the Government of Punjab, India, the total number of Punjabi alphabet letters is 51. Like you can read below.

Vowels and Diphthongs -10

  1. ਅ a
  2. ਆ ā
  3. ਇ i
  4. ਈ ī
  5. ਉ u
  6. ਊ ū
  7. ਏ e
  8. ਐ ai
  9. ਓ o
  10. ਔ au

Sibilants – 2

  1. ਸ sa
  2. ਸ਼ sha

Aspirate – 1

  1. ਹ ha

Gutturals – 7

  1. ਕ ka
  2. ਖ kha
  3. ਖ਼ kha
  4. ਗ ga
  5. ਗ਼ gha
  6. ਘ gha
  7. ਙ ṅa

Palatals – 6

  1. ਚ ca
  2. ਛ cha
  3. ਜ ja
  4. ਜ਼ za
  5. ਝ jha
  6. ਞ ña

Cerebrals – 5

  1. ਟ ṭa
  2. ਠ ṭha
  3. ਡ ḍa
  4. ਢ ḍha
  5. ਣ ṇa

Dentals – 5

  1. ਤ ta
  2. ਥ tha
  3. ਦ da
  4. ਧ dha
  5. ਨ na

Labials – 6

  1. ਪ pa
  2. ਫ pha
  3. ਫ਼ fa
  4. ਬ ba
  5. ਭ bha
  6. ਮ ma

Semivowels – 6

  1. ਯ ya
  2. ਰ ra
  3. ਲ la
  4. ਲੵ ḷa
  5. ਵ wa
  6. ੜ ṛa

Bindī – 1

  1. ◌ਂ ṃ

Ṭippī – 1

  1. ◌ੰ m̆

Adhik – 1

  1. ◌ੱ

Strange But True: Gurmukhi Consists of Only 41 Letters!

The statement “strange but true” is often used to describe something that is surprising but also accurate. In this case, the statement is true but also surprising because it is not often known that Gurmukhi, a script used to write the Punjabi language, consists of only 41 letters.

This fact is interesting because it shows how concise and efficient the Gurmukhi script is compared to other scripts used to write similar languages.

  • A – serial number
  • B – Punjabi Letter
  • C – Pronunciation
  • D – In English.
1 oorhaa Ou
2 airhaa Aa
3 eerhee Ie
4 sassaa Sa
5 haahaa Ha
6 kakkaa Ka
7 khakhkhaa Kha
8 gaggaa Ga
9 ghaggaa Gha
10 nganngaa Nga
11 chachchaa Cha
12 chhachhchhaa Chha
13 jajjaa Ja
14 jhajjaa Jha
15 njannjaa Nja
16 tainkaa Ta
17 thaththaa Tha
18 daddaa Da
19 dhaddaa Dha
20 nhaanhaa Na
21 tattaa Ta
22 thaththaa Tha
23 daddaa Da
24 dhaddaa Dha
25 nannaa Na
26 pappaa Pa
27 phaphphaa Pha
28 babbaa Ba
29 bhabbaa Bha
30 mammaa Ma
31 yayyaa Ya
32 raaraa Ra
33 lallaa La
34 vavvaa Va
35 rhaarhaa Ra
36 shashashaa Sha
37 ਖ਼ khhakhhkhha Khha
38 ਗ਼ ghagghaa Ga
39 zazzaa Za
40 ਫ਼ faffaa Fa
41 ਲ਼ lallaa La

How does the Punjabi Alphabet Compare to English Alphabet?

The Punjabi alphabet is quite similar to the English alphabet, with a few exceptions. The Punjabi alphabet has 41 letters, while the English alphabet has twenty-six. The Punjabi letters are also written from left to right, unlike English, which is written from right to left. 

Additionally, the Punjabi language utilizes a diacritical mark called a “virama” to indicate that a letter is not used as a vowel.

The Punjabi Alphabet is similar to the English alphabet because they are both phonetic alphabets. This means that each letter corresponds to a sound, and the word is pronounced how it is spelled. 

However, there are some differences. For example, the Punjabi letter “ਜ” sounds like the English letter “j,” as in “jam,” while the English letter “j” sounds like the French letter “j,” as in “jeans.”

Do You Know How Many Letters Are In Gurmukhi?

The Gurmukhi alphabet has forty-one letters. It is an abugida script, where the consonants are written with symbols that indicate the pronunciation, and the vowel is indicated by a diacritic mark above or below the consonant. The script for the Sikh holy book, Guru Granth Sahib, was developed by Guru Angad in the 16th century.

Each letter has a unique sound, making up the Punjabi language. The Gurmukhi alphabet is used to write texts in the Gurmukhi script, the official script of the Punjab region in India.

New, fast way to learn the Punjabi alphabet!

This new, fast way to learn the Punjabi alphabet is excellent for students looking to improve their language skills. The approach is uncomplicated and straightforward, providing learners with an effortless path.

This method facilitates quick mastery of the letters within a concise timeframe. Additionally, this approach is perfect for students who want to prepare for upcoming exams or improve their reading comprehension abilities.

The Punjabi alphabet is a writing system used to write the Punjabi language. The Punjabi alphabet is an abugida, meaning each letter has an inherent vowel sound attached to it. In addition, diacritical marks can be added to change the inherent vowel or to indicate other modifications to the letter. 

Learn the Punjabi alphabet in English!

One must learn the Punjabi alphabet to read and write in the Punjabi language. The Punjabi alphabet is very similar to the English alphabet, so it is not difficult to learn. 

The best way to learn it is by practicing; many online resources can help you. Once you know the alphabet, you can read and write in Punjabi!

This is an instructional message meant to help someone learn the Punjabi alphabet. The Punjabi alphabet is written in the Gurmukhi script, which is difficult to learn initially. 

However, it is easy to become proficient in reading and writing this script with some practice. In this message, we will provide you with the English transliteration of each letter of the Punjabi alphabet, as well as the pronunciation.

Learn How To Write Beautiful Varnamala In Punjabi

One must first be familiar with the Punjabi alphabet to learn how to write beautiful varnamala in Punjabi. There are 41 letters in the Punjabi alphabet, each with its unique sound. 

Once familiar with the letters and their sounds, you can learn to write varnamala. Varnamala is a series of strokes written above or below a letter to indicate its pronunciation.

This poster is designed to teach people how to write the Punjabi alphabet. The Punjabi language finds its written expression in the Gurmukhi script, a derivative of the Devanagari script. The Punjabi alphabet has 41 letters, each with an inherent vowel sound. 

You must know the correct vowel sound for each letter to write words correctly. This poster provides the correct vowel sound for each letter and example words.

Conclusion Points

How many letters are in the Punjabi alphabet? The answer to how many letters there are in the Punjabi alphabet is still up for debate. Some say there are 41 letters, while others believe there are 35/52/56. However, what is not in question is the importance of the Punjabi language and its rich cultural heritage. 

For those intrigued by delving deeper into the Punjabi alphabet or the Punjabi language, a wealth of resources awaits online and within your local community.

In conclusion, however, the most important thing is that Punjabi is a rich and beautiful language spoken by millions of people worldwide. Thanks for reading!


FAQs about the Punjabi alphabet – feel free to ask questions in the comments section!

Question – What is the Punjabi alphabet?

Answer: Write the Punjabi language. It is an abugida, meaning each letter has an inherent vowel sound that can be changed by adding diacritics.

The letters are written from left to right, top to bottom, in a horizontal line. Vowels manifest as standalone characters at the onset of a word or after another vowel. Yet, when positioned at the culmination of a word or preceding a consonant, they are depicted as diacritics positioned above, beneath, or to the right of the consonant.

Question – What are alphabets called in Punjabi?

Answer: Alphabets in Punjabi are called “ਅਕਾਰ” (akār). There are a total of 28 akārs, which include both vowels and consonants. The first five akārs are the most commonly used and comprise about 65% of all Punjabi written.

Question – What does the Punjabi alphabet chart look like?

Answer: The Punjabi alphabet chart is a graphical representation of the Punjabi alphabet. It shows the letters of the alphabet in their correct order and includes the corresponding Punjabi pronunciation. 

The chart can be used to help students learn how to spell words in Punjabi, and it can also be used as a reference tool when writing Punjabi text.

Question – What is a Punjabi word that means? 

Answer: Punjabi is a person from or who lives in Punjab, India. In addition to being a language spoken in Punjab, Punjabi is also the name of the language spoken by Punjabis.

The Punjabi word “ਭੋਲਾ” means “love.” It is a very versatile word that can describe everything from the love between a husband and wife to the love of God. The word has a deep spiritual connotation and is often used in religious hymns.

Punjabi comes from Panj- b, which means “Five Rivers” in Sanskrit, and thus is translated as “A young man or boy who is young and strong.”

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